Who is Xango?

Omar Dhanani, CPA

Principal @ Xango

Hey there! I'm Omar Dhanani, Co-Founder and Principal at Xango Accounting.

After gaining my CPA designation at a Big 4 firm, I embarked on a consulting adventure with startups in the heart of Vancouver. It was at there that I saw first-hand how inaccurate, delayed, and chaotic data was leading to costly decision-making.

That's when Xango came to life.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to simplify accounting and equip you with the accurate data needed to make informed financial decisions. Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome a new era of clarity and growth.

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Helena Lee, CPA

Principal @ Xango

Hey there! I'm Helena Lee, Co-Founder and Principal at Xango Accounting.

At the Big 4, I worked on a range of clients from NPOs to large public corporations. The one thing they had in common was the difficulty they had in giving me adequate financial support and process documents.

To them, it was something that required effort, time, and sometimes a few Advils.

I get it. Business owners have limited time, they don't want to spend it on compliance or making reports. I want to give time back to entrepreneurs so they can focus on the amazing products and services they provide.

Get out of the weeds of accounting and into your operations and strategy! Let's explore how Xango can transform your business.

Say goodbye to messy data.

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Our Values

Embrace discipline, not motivation.

It takes grit to build a business. Waking up everyday and mastering the basics. Motivation is fleeting, discipline is forever, consistency is key.

Delight everyone we work with.

We aim to make each interaction enjoyable and respectful and have as much fun as we can while doing it.

Engage in open communication.

Over communicate and don't assume anything. We like to ensure that you hear from us early and often so that we can help you achieve your goals.

Be curious, not judgemental.

That's from one of our all time favourites: Ted Lasso. We like to approach everything with humility and curiosity. We understand that there are things that we don't know, and we're upfront about it.

There is no present like the time.

Life ain't forever. Embrace the moment and love what you do. There's no better way to live.

Make accounting easy.

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